OpenClose Launches RESTful API Suite

OpenClose Launches RESTful API Suite

October 11, 2018
OpenClose has announced that Tom Buenz has joined the company in the position of Vice President, Enterprise Sales
OpenClose has announced the release of a RESTful API suite designed to offer its customers an easier, more cost-effective and secure standardized solution to enable direct interactions with their system of record from third-party and home-grown systems. The extensibility, scalability and security of the API suite ultimately reduces the cost to originate loans and establishes rich connectivity options to drive communications, processes and workflows.
“One of OpenClose’s core goals is to create more efficient methods for our customers to conduct business, respond to changing market conditions and reduce the total cost to originate, close and sell loans,” said JP Kelly, President of OpenClose. “As our customers’ business models evolve, new needs and requirements emerge that require flexibility and nimbleness to respond to changing marketplace conditions. Our RESTful API suite gives lenders the option to work with more third party service providers. Additionally, OpenClose customers can connect their own homegrown solutions or work with other software providers to custom tailor the perfect solution for their needs.”
OpenClose’s RESTful API suite has been developed with a standardized methodology to enable implementation of direct integrations, seamless data exchange and execution of transactions. It creates simplicity, reliability, extensibility and better performance in totality. In addition, less maintenance is required and thus costs are lowered.
The API suite makes it quicker, simpler and more cost effective to integrate with disparate technologies, some of which are third party applications that are antiquated and previously required arduous and labor intensive development efforts.