NAMB Launches Enterprise Cloud-Based Origination Platform

NAMB Launches Enterprise Cloud-Based Origination Platform

December 12, 2018
The National Associaiton of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) is calling on its membership and consumer to seek a change in federal law related to practice of trigger list sales by credit bureaus
The National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) has announced a new partnership with LendingPad to create a new broker LOS platform, NAMB+LOS, for Mortgage Brokers nationwide. This offering is free to all NAMB members.
NAMB+LOS allows Mortgage Brokers to engage with their borrowers, to efficiently process loans, and seamlessly interact with wholesale lenders without leaving the platform. It is 100 percent cloud-based and intuitive to use. It works across all browsers, devices and operating systems.
“Both organizations worked tirelessly developing this tool to ensure NAMB members and mortgage professionals are presented with the very best option offered to connect with their customers and prospects while aligning their operations in an easy-to-use Web-based solution,” said Richard Bettencourt, NAMB President. “Our entire team is excited to debut this offering and are excited to watch the industry engage with the tool.”
Key features for NAMB+LOS include:
►Open platform to connect to your preferred service providers including CRA’s, POS, CRM and wholesale lenders
►Multiple-user edit capable with no file lockout
►Watch borrowers complete an application in real-time with the ability to jump in and assist in its completion
►Pushed updates without the need to refresh the browser
►Intelligent task and workflow management
►Scalable to any size team through built-in controls
►Broker/banker combo or conversions
►Ease of contract processor management
►Instant generation of call report upload file
►Exportable to any industry standard file formats for origination, processing, underwriting, secondary, closing, and post-closing delivery including Fannie Mae 3.2, MISMO, ULDD, or UCD formats
►Design custom documents and  e-Sign packages without the need to draw signature fields for each loan file
►Unlimited and customized milestones, labels, and fields
►Connect data to other systems through a third-party utility
►Both services without programming and API’s are available for wholesale lenders to publish product/pricing information and to facilitate transactions with brokers in NAMB+LOS
“Innovation, transparency and progress have always been our core operating principles at LendingPad. Working jointly with NAMB’s leadership, we’ve listened attentively to both Brokers’ and lenders’ feedback in bringing this unrivaled enterprise platform to life,” said Wes Yuan, LendingPad’s Managing Director. “With NAMB+LOS, Brokers can now effectively leverage the best tools currently only available for larger institutions which further levels the playing field for the diverse, independent local Mortgage Brokers nationwide.”