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Monster Lead Group Unveils "The Monster Way" Program
Jan 15, 2020
National Mortgage Professional Magazine and Monster Lead Group, a mortgage marketing agency, have announced a partnership to deliver NMP’s new “Unit Busters” series of sales and marketing Webinars

Monster Lead Group has announced the release of its newest offering, The Monster Way, an eight-week demand generation program for lenders looking to scale their business dramatically.
The Monster Way combines leading-edge technology, advanced data solutions with direct marketing, sales process automation, and call training into a scalable business model delivered by Monster's team of experts. Many of the lenders who implemented individual aspects of this program have realized record-breaking revenue, contributing to more than $10 billion in originations in 2019 alone.
"It's about transforming direct marketing and traditional selling from demand fulfillment, which is basically marketing and selling rates, to demand generation. Demand generation is all about dynamically solving a problem for the borrower and becoming their trusted expert," said Ken Bartz, chief visionary officer of Monster Lead Group. "The long-term survival of mortgage lenders will depend on a lender's ability to develop and keep relationships with borrowers. That's ultimately the real results of implementing The Monster Way."
From the first week of The Monster Way, MLOs learn how to change their conversations to position themselves as trusted advisors to the borrower, instead of just trying to take an application. Once mastered, this technique results in higher conversion rates from the inbound calls generated by Monster's direct mail marketing. By week eight, production managers see teams increase their conversion rates by as much as 50 percent.
At the end of eight weeks, MLOs "graduate" and sales managers receive a “Monster Playbook” with their tailored scripts, templates and training materials. The marketing campaigns continue with additional business benefits to the client for as long as they continue marketing with Monster.
"Where preparation and opportunity intersect is what others called luck,” said Bartz. “The Monster Way and what we do here brings together preparation and opportunity, so you no longer need to get lucky."


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