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Arlo To Launch Mutual Marketing Community Advertising Platform

Navi Persaud
Nov 02, 2021

Arlo, a digital advertiser for the mortgage industry, announce that it is launching a community advertising platform, Mutual Marketing.

Mutual Marketing will launch by mid-January of 2022 and is now accepting reservations for loan officers to secure their seats.

The advertising mutual fund will presumably allow those with a smaller marketing budget the ability to participate in a massive enterprise-type ad campaign, according to Arlo. The company says that its product is expected to perform just like a mutual fund that gives you the ability to participate in investments that are usually only available to large investors. Mutual Marketing is expected to allow LOs to participate in ad campaigns usually available to larger enterprise companies like the Rocket Pro TPO.

The company states that no one has the ability to create their own commercial and run it on a platform like Youtube for $1,000 a month and expect any kind of results. Mutual Marketing increases and LOs ability to have an increased budget by pooling together with hundreds of other mortgage professionals. The company adds that its platform will allow LOs to produce significantly higher results in terms of lead volume than if they allocated that the ad expense towards their own campaign.

Every mortgage LO that reserves a seat on the Mutual Marketing platform will benefit as the number of participants rises, according to Arlo. The company believes that having the ability to place ads through dozens of platforms will increase the quality of the leads.

The company's goal is to bring 1,000 users onboard who will contribute $1,000 per month. Arlo expects at least four times the amount of lead flow someone would normally get from a $1,000 a month budget going towards their own campaign. Mutual Marketing ads will be run under the brand “RateGenie” and leads will be distributed in a round-robin fashion based on geographic location, with 100% exclusivity, according to the company.

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