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TPO GO, the Renovation Mortgage Solutions Hub

National Mortgage Professional
Jan 11, 2022
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The Real Estate Finance Business is changing in 2022. Renovation mortgage lending is a necessary tool in any mortgage broker’s purchase lending tool belt.


We all know that the only guarantee in the Real Estate Finance Business is change, and 2022 is certainly going to be a year of change. Mortgage origination is moving away from being dominated by refinances. Now is the time for Mortgage brokers to equip themselves with products to support this market movement.  Renovation mortgage lending is a necessary tool in any mortgage broker’s purchase lending tool belt.

One Hub for Your Mortgage Solutions

TPO GO, a cutting-edge wholesale mortgage lender with over 25 years of renovation lending experience, TPO GO offers The Fannie Mae Homestyle, Freddie Mac Choice, VA, USDA, and FHA 203K Renovation Loans.

Additionally, TPO GO‘s renovation process is enhanced by its proprietary Greenlight Portal, which is available to all of its mortgage professional partners. The innovative Greenlight Portal gives brokers access to real-time loan information, around-the-clock support, notifications on loan status, the ability to upload and share documents immediately, and access to The TPO GO Renovation toolbox. Brokers and loan originators can also view their entire loan pipelines, submit and lock-in loans, and seamlessly order appraisals.

Working With Us

Built by originators for originators. TPO GO’s staff is proficient in renovation loan origination and can help brokers every step of the way.

To learn more about TPO GO and its products and services, please visit, call 559-GO-TPO-GO or send us an email at [email protected]


Jan 11, 2022
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