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October 2022

Wiretapping And You

A major cyber threat could affect your business - it’s called wiretapping when single key strokes could result in court appearances. Mortgage Banker Magazine also explores where the housing market heads in 2023, and we highlight the women making an impact in the mortgage industry.

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Cover Story
Zillow Sued For Alleged Wiretapping

It’s not what you think – it involves consumers and keystrokes.

Regulation and Compliance
David Krechevsky
Cartoon Explosion
How Not To Blow Up The Housing Market

Stress in U.S. housing market is caused by supply, not demand.

Analysis and Data
Thomas Wade
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Study Outlines One Way Employers Can Head Off ‘Quiet Quitting’

Employees need to spend time with others invested in the company

C-Suite Strategies
Mortgage Banker Magazine
The Story Of Your Success
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Work-Life Balance And You

It’s a problem best solved by what works for the individual.

Nir Bashan
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Mergers and Acquisitions: Catch the Wave

M&A tends to heat up when profits decline, such as 2022.

C-Suite Strategies
Rob Chrisman
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Licensing Requirements for Mortgage Loan Originators

Multiple Steps Are Mandated Before Becoming Licensed In The U.S.

Matthew Falloretta
Dr. Clifford Rossi
Where The Housing Market Is Headed

Softening Economy Points To Significant Price Declines

Analysis and Data
Mortgage Banker Magazine
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Leaning In to Grow Through a Downturn

There is business to be found in today’s market, just look in new places.

C-Suite Strategies
Joe Camerieri
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Where To Find The Best Mortgage Technology

A guide to help lenders find the latest and greatest.

Steve Cooley
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Web3 Is The Future of Mobile Mortgages

AI and Blockchain combine processing, decision making.

Curtis Wood
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Scaled US Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders To Weather Housing Market Fallout

Drop in mortgage originations in 2022 continues to surpass Fitch Rating’s expectations

Analysis and Data
Mortgage Banker Magazine
2022 Powerful Women of Mortgage Banking
Powerful Women Of Mortgage Banking, 2022

Mortgage Banker Magazine highlights the women who are making an impact.

Mortgage Banker Magazine
Mortgage Banker Magazine

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