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'Tis The Season Post-Covid

Are the Moms ready for holiday burnout? NO!

Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano
'Tis the season  post-Covid

Holidays looked very different last year than the years before for many of us. Some of us stayed in with just our immediate family. Some of us had “pods” that we felt comfortable with and some of us treated it like any other year. Whatever you decided we all had to make the best of it. The kids had virtual holiday parties; time off didn’t feel like time off. Strange is all I can say. But I bet it was easier for most of us, less to worry about. Well, this year as the seasons start to change, holidays may look a little more like the world pre-covid. Which means holiday parties, school plays, shopping, out of town visitors etc. Are we, as the Moms who take on a good part of the burden (not all times), ready for holiday burnout? NO! We are not! Who wants holiday burnout?! I dread the thought — as many of you do as well — of running store to store and house to house to fit it all in … some of you may be excited for the holiday hustle and bustle, but not this Mom! I like easy-going holidays. Less is more for me, so I will take all the tips that I can get!

Here are a few tips to avoid holiday burnout!

1. Plan. Treat this like a work task! Make lists and do one or two things a day way before the holiday so you aren’t as rushed when the day comes.

2. De-clutter! Lots coming in from groceries to decorations and gifts. Make room and maybe toss a few things or donate them!

3. Stay active (don’t take a holiday vaca from the gym). Continue eating a balanced diet and getting good sleep. You need to be rested.

4. Don’t over-commit. There are only so many hours in the day. Try to commit to a reasonable number of events so you can enjoy without rushing around.

5. Delegate/Get help. One person cannot do it all — especially us working Moms.

6. CHERISH every moment. Things can change in a blink of an eye. Love the little and big moments.

All the best,
Ashley Gravano!

This article was originally published in the Mortgage Women Magazine December 2021 issue.
Ashley Gravano
Ashley Gravano

Ashley Gravano is vice president of product solutions at Mortgage Cadence.

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