NMP’s 2021 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals

Our editors select the top industry professionals for their presence on social media.

This month, National Mortgage Professional magazine features its “Most Connected Mortgage Professionals of 2021,” the top industry professionals selected by the editors for their participation in the world of social media.

The winners were chosen in part based on the nominations we received and focused on these social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Winners were not selected based just on their numbers.

To be considered for a Gold Level Connection, a nominee must be among the top in three of the categories; Silver Level Connection in two; and Bronze Level Connection in one. None of the nominees were among the top on all four platforms.

All information was supplied by the nominees and reviewed by magazine staff. Social media stats are as of 06/18/21. 

Gold Level Connections


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Mat Ishbia

Mat Ishbia

Mat Ishbia is the president and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage the No. 1 wholesale mortgage lender in the nation for six years running. Under Mat’s leadership, UWM has soared to new heights, becoming one of the most innovative lenders in the industry and a leading advocate for mortgage brokers.

Twitter Followers: 8,236
Facebook business page likes: 8,395
LinkedIn Connections: 15,881
Instagram Followers: 1,209


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — David Luna

David Luna

As president of Mortgage Educators and Compliance, David has educated tens of thousands of mortgage professionals. He is regularly sought out as a speaker at conferences and spends more time outside of his home state. With 40 years of mortgage-related experience, he is the premier educator in the industry.

Twitter Followers: 1,840
Facebook business page likes: 6,021
LinkedIn Connections: 12,227
Instagram Followers: 905


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schulz, national sales & division manager for American Financial Network, has recruited and placed over six billion dollars in loan production and operated one of the industry’s top mortgage branch platforms for producing and non-producing branch managers. He provides one of the industry's best mortgage branch opportunities for all mortgage branching needs.

Twitter Followers: 41,000
Facebook business page likes: 22,000
LinkedIn Connections: 1,000
Instagram Followers: 98,5000


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Steven Kaufman

Steven Kaufman

Dr. Steven Kaufman, an accomplished investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Chair of TIGER 21 Houston, held C-Level positions in financing enterprises for 18 years coordinating over $4 billion in real estate financing over 3 economic cycles. In 2004, Dr. Kaufman founded ZeusLending.com offering financing solutions for residential and commercial real estate.

Twitter Followers: 151
Facebook business page likes: 34,766
LinkedIn Connections: 6,900
Instagram Followers: 42,900

Silver Level Connections


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Mark Demetriou

Marc Demetriou

Marc Demetriou consistently ranks nationally in the top 1% of mortgage originators, is a CPE instructor, former host of "The Real Estate and Money Show,” award winning author, motivational speaker, RISMedia’s Newsmaker for 2020, certified divorce lending expert, and awarded as a Five Star Mortgage Professional in NJ for 2020.

Twitter Followers: 936
Facebook business page likes: 1,161
LinkedIn Connections: 10,271
Instagram Followers: 2,891


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Josh Friend

Josh Friend

Josh’s impact on the mortgage industry is unmistakable from his early days of working at a mortgage company, rising up the ranks, to running a mortgage company. He is transforming the borrower experience with his leading technology Insellerate, which enables lenders to intelligently engage borrowers, creating customers for life.

Twitter Followers: 232
Facebook business page likes: 2,803
LinkedIn Connections: 12,020
Instagram Followers: 141


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Johnny Fowler

Jonny Fowler

Jonny has been in the mortgage industry for 27 years and has found his niche helping LO’s and Realtors maximize their market exposure with his modern marketing classes. He genuinely enjoys helping people, which is why he has enjoyed such a fruitful career.

Twitter Followers: 412
Facebook business page likes: 6,600
LinkedIn Connections: 28,215
Instagram Followers: 2,362


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Frank Fuentes

Frank Fuentes

As the first Hispanic/bilingual loan officer hired at New American Funding, Frank Fuentes has devoted 20+ years to improving lending efforts to minority homebuyers. Today, Frank is the VP of Multicultural Community Lending and, through the company’s Latino Focus initiative, addresses the unique challenges that Hispanic homebuyers face.

Twitter Followers: n/a
Facebook business page likes: 5,000
LinkedIn Connections: 14,683
Instagram Followers: 2,888


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Adam P. Smith is president of The Colorado Real Estate Finance Group Inc., and owner of Just The Tips Coaching. Adam has helped thousands of clients and written billions in mortgages. Adam has also coached hundreds of sales professionals on lead generation, client retention, repeat and referral prospecting, and zero-cost-marketing.

Twitter Followers: 973
Facebook business page likes: 4,997
LinkedIn Connections: 7,400
Instagram Followers: 1,781


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Mitch Valmer

Mitch Valmer

Mitch Valmer is the founder of Equity Cap Lending, a direct nationwide private money lending platform. Mr. Valmer has had the pleasure of serving his investors, borrowers & brokers over the last 18 years. Mr. Valmer is a part of several associations such as CAMP, AAPL & many others.

Twitter Followers: 4,735
Facebook business page likes: 802
LinkedIn Connections: 4,803
Instagram Followers: 27,508

Bronze Level Connections


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Rodney Anderson

Rodney Anderson

Rodney Anderson is Supreme Lending's #1 producer. A prolific mortgage professional, he is a top originator of FHA and VA loans, a financial expert, published author, and radio host. Through his extensive use of social media, he is also an industry influencer who shares tips and tricks on his accounts.

Twitter Followers: n/a
Facebook business page likes: 7,452
LinkedIn Connections: 1,100
Instagram Followers: n/a


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Lori Brewer

Lori Brewer

Lori Brewer is an accomplished entrepreneur and founder/CEO of two-time Inc. 5000 company LBA Ware. The firm is best known for developing award-winning mortgage incentive compensation management platform CompenSafe and BI platform LimeGear. Brewer has been honored as a MBA Tech All-Star award for her contributions to mortgage tech.

Twitter Followers: 253
Facebook business page likes: 332
LinkedIn Connections: 5,440
Instagram Followers: n/a


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — David Hosterman

David Hosterman

David has been nationally recognized as top loan officer in the country over the past few years. He has been in national publications such as Forbes, CBS Money Watch, The Street, US News & World Report, Lending Tree, Trulia, and MSN Money. He also has two radio shows on ESPN Radio.

Twitter Followers: 247
Facebook business page likes: 940
LinkedIn Connections: 3,694
Instagram Followers: 359


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Eric Mitchell

Eric Mitchell

Eric Mitchell, Goldstar EVP, develops innovative purchase market strategies proven to revolutionize the way loan officers and Realtors partner. Using award-winning application technology, Eric creates highly sought after state-of-the-art lead generation platforms that have delivered sustainable growth for the thousands of sales professionals he’s trained across North America.

Twitter Followers: 400
Facebook business page likes: 904
LinkedIn Connections: 29,984
Instagram Followers: 1,279


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Sam Parker

Sam Parker

Sam has been a key player in bringing quality and integrity to such a fragmented industry. Sam’s vision for how to treat people right, do what you say you’re going to do, and add more value than any other credit repair agency has been a key formula for his success.

Twitter Followers: 509
Facebook business page likes: 4,875
LinkedIn Connections: 989
Instagram Followers: 964


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Katy Parsons

Katy Parsons

As well as originating, Katy of Advantage Mortgage cohosts the annual Mortgage Revolution conference in Las Vegas. She is looking forward to the world returning to normal, so they can start planning events again and getting originators from all over the country back in one room.

Twitter Followers: n/a
Facebook business page likes: 4,767
LinkedIn Connections: n/a
Instagram Followers: 4,138


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Lynn Reed

Lynn ‘The Lynnder’ Reed

A nationally ranked loan officer with a larger-than-life personality, Lynn "The Lynnder" Reed, creates an exceptional mortgage process for his borrowers. With 21 years of experience and deep Texas roots, Lynn leverages social media to allow his connections to feel like they all personally know Lynn and his wife, Cookie.

Twitter Followers: n/a
Facebook business page likes: 3,291
LinkedIn Connections: 500+
Instagram Followers: 557


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Nick Roberson

Nick Roberson

Nick Roberson is a National AE for SRE Mortgage Alliance with 29 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Nick has been a guest speaker on industry panels, radio shows, webinars and has written numerous columns for trade publications. He is the president of the East Bay Chapter of CAMP.

Twitter Followers: n/a
Facebook business page likes: n/a
LinkedIn Connections: 13,615
Instagram Followers: n/a


NMP Magazine's 2021 Most Connect Mortgage Professionals — Phil Treadwell

Phil Treadwell

Phil Treadwell is a 17-year veteran of the mortgage industry as both a top-producing mortgage banker & independent mortgage broker. He is the national director of sales innovation & strategy for Thrive Mortgage, host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast & cofounder of Industry Syndicate podcast network.

Twitter Followers: 1,774
Facebook business page likes: 1,234
LinkedIn Connections: 20,238
Instagram Followers: 3,148

Honorable Mentions

John Cady, SVP of Retail, Cardinal Financial Company

Brent Chandler, Founder and CEO, FormFree

Kevin DeLory, Senior Vice President of Sales, Carrington Wholesale

Anthony Ianni, Northwest & Mountain Regional Sales Director, Mortgage Capital Trading

Lana Izgarsheva, AD Mortgage, Chief Operating Officer

Melanie Rojas, Account Manager, Genworth Mortgage Insurance

Nick Staker, Area Manager, Academy Mortgage Corporation

Bernadine Torres, Mortgage Broker Owner/Mortgage Loan Originator, Prominent 1 Financial Group

This article was originally published in the NMP Magazine July 2021 issue.
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